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Are you searching for families that once lived along the BLUE RIDGE mountains by present day Albemarle or Greene counties of Virginia? Early Shiflet families left records in ORANGE, LOUISA, ALBEMARLE, CULPEPER, AUGUSTA, MADISON & ROCKINGHAM. We have research on many of the families that lived near them.

You've seen our name spelt many ways: Shiflet, Shifflett, Shiflett, Shiplet, Shurtlef, Shiftlett, etc. We collect genealogy & documents on all Shiflets, related early families, & early Shifflett women who married into other lines. Our goal is to share information, find new documents & correct wrong information.

Please share your information to further advance Shifflett research. The information you share is protected by our copyright policy stated below. Many people have helped make this a great site & you will find their names as Submitters throughout the pages. If you find something helpful, please e-mail the person & tell them "Thanks!"

Louetta Lynn (Hardaway) Shiplet, who wrote "The Descendants of Finch Shiplet" (1802-1858) and has a copyright on it dated 1997 This book is also in the Library of Congress. Louetta has spent 22 years of traveling to many states - to libraries, courthouses, churches, and visited families who were still living on Shiplet land - compiling her book of over 300 pages with copies of pictures and documents. She contributed various pieces of information seen on this website.  Anyone interested in her family information can contact her at   Visit the Finch Shiplet line
within the Stephen Shiflett Chart

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